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September may seem a bit early to be talking about winter preparation, but with fall officially starting in a few days, cold weather conditions will hit Chicago sooner than you think. Starting now will give you plenty of time to research products, and have them ordered and ready to install in your Ford by November.

  • Test your battery. Most winter breakdowns are caused by battery failure, because—believe it or not—a battery loses 60 percent of its electrical charge in temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Get winter windshield wipers. Normal wiper blades tend to get clogged with ice—unless your vehicle has a wiper de-icer, like the 2017 Ford Escape—and can become stiff and ineffective in freezing weather. Specialized winter wiper blades are designed to prevent these issues.
  • Check your winter tires. You don't want to put them on the vehicle too early, because driving in warm temperatures wears them out quickly, but take a moment this week to inspect them. If they are more than 6 years old, or the tread is worn out, it's time for new ones.
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