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When you need parts for a Ford, there are two great choices; Ford Parts and Motorcraft®, and both are just a click away at FordParts.com. It's as simple as putting in the vehicle make, model and year - or just the VIN. You'll also find a full catalog with high-quality images, line-art diagrams, detailed descriptions and more. And if you need parts for another major vehicle brand, you'll find the same easy path to Omnicraft™ parts, backed by Ford Motor Company but designed for non-Ford Motor Company vehicles.

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Motorcraft® is a registerd trademark of Ford Motor Company.
Omnicraft™ is a trademark of Ford Motor Company.

Find Genuine Ford SUV, Truck, and Car Parts at Haggerty Ford Near Naperville, IL

Regular vehicle repair and maintenance services help enhance the efficiency and longevity of your car in the Geneva, IL, area. If your Ford SUV, car, or truck needs an oil change or brake repair, we have your back. Visit Haggerty Ford today, and we will help you with your Ford car needs regardless of its original dealership.

We have reliable and certified specialists at our service center who will take good care of your truck or SUV. It doesn't matter if it's a Ford SUV such as the Ford Escape or Ford Explorer or a Ford Truck such as the F-150; our technicians will treat your car with the specialty needed.

We believe in employing OEM certified and factory-trained technicians who know everything about Ford at our dealership near Wheaton, IL drivers. This helps enhance our customers' confidence and satisfaction when they bring their machines to our state-of-art service center. In addition, we also use modern tools and OEM parts and accessories to ensure quality repairs and tune-ups. Therefore, whether you own a certified pre-owned, new, or used ford, you can always count on us for quality service delivery.

Advantages of Using Ford OEM Parts

When you need to replace parts in your car, trust Haggerty Ford for your entire car needs. Whether you want to replace your car's battery, repair the brake pads, or change the tires, our dealership parts center is your go-to place near West Chicago, IL. The reason being, we proudly use genuine OEM Ford parts, ensuring that our clients get high-quality service.

What are Ford OEM Parts?

They are parts explicitly built by Ford for Ford cars. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are created by a well-known brand but are compatible with many models and makes. Therefore, OEM parts tend to deliver much superiority compared to aftermarket parts. Equipping your car with an aftermarket part can diminish the lifespan of your vehicle. Furthermore, part colors often match the car color, creating a lot of attention for negative reasons.

Benefits of Ford OEM Parts

Although buying an aftermarket part is cheaper than shopping for Ford OEM parts, aftermarket parts can be expensive from a future perspective. Since most companies use low-quality products to produce aftermarket parts, they can wear and deteriorate quickly, becoming much more costly. However, Ford uses high-quality materials to manufacture OEM parts; thus, equipping your car with an OEM part will enhance its longevity for years.

Ford manufactures its OEM Parts to suit Ford vehicles only. This implies that these parts will fit the car perfectly and function optimally. The auto market contains various aftermarket parts that can be confusing and overwhelming to choose from. Selecting the correct part is easy when you visit our state-of-art service center since you will get the specific part you need for your SUV, truck, or car.

All Ford OEM parts come with a two-year warranty. Therefore, when you use an OEM part to repair your car, you will have peace of mind, enhancing your driving confidence in the process. If you own a brand-new Ford SUV, car, or truck, using aftermarket parts can expose your car's warranty to many risks. You may void your car's warranty coverage when you use aftermarket parts, especially if your vehicle experiences some issues.

Visit Haggerty Ford for Your Ford Parts

Our service center and parts center offer Aurora, IL, drivers a variety of Ford OEM parts for your Ford vehicle. Regardless of the model or year, you can always count on us for your Ford needs. Feel free to visit our state-of-art service center if you need a brake pad replacement, tire rotation, wheel alignment, oil change, brake repair, or engine repair. Contact us for details of Ford OEM parts and services offered at Haggerty Ford.