It’s normal to find drivers who have a challenge in some driving skills such as drifting and parking vehicles in the parking lot. We are aware that you may be facing a similar problem in checking the entry of other vehicles into your blind spot. Our dealership offers you the Ford’s Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) to ease the burden of always turning your head to check for oncoming cars when trying to navigate through lanes.

BLIS aids the detection of vehicles in the blind spot of your car. You receive alerts if other moving cars enter the region while driving. The system turns on when you drive forward at more than 6 mph. BLIS involves cross-traffic alerts, blind spot monitoring, and trailer coverage.

BLIS employs the use of radars in the taillights to help detect vehicles entering your blind spot. The detection area is massive up to 10 feet behind the taillights. The system compliments your eyes when driving.

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